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iOS 18 will have call recording option

After a long period of anticipation, iPhone fans are now excited about the new call recording feature, a hitherto common option for Android users.

In an effort to comply with European privacy regulations, Apple introduced this feature with a clear and unequivocal mechanism: iPhones will automatically notify the other party that the call is being recorded.

Therefore, the recording of conversations will not be possible without the explicit information of the other party, thus avoiding any unpleasant or unexpected situation that could result from recording without consent.

In the advanced age of artificial intelligence, this function goes beyond simple audio capture. Using Apple Intelligence, you can transcribe and condense the content of recorded calls. In addition, the built-in AI will identify and tag participants in the conversation summary, providing an enhanced user experience.

At the debut of iOS 18, the voice transcription feature will be accessible exclusively to users who speak English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Portuguese, with Apple promising to expand this list in the future.

The integration of call recording into the native Phone app is a major advantage for professionals such as journalists and anyone who wants to document and transcribe calls in an official context, ensuring that everyone involved is aware of and agrees to use this option . However, it is uncertain whether Apple will make this feature available to customers in Europe, as Google has removed this option for its Android users and banned call recording apps from its Play Store.


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