Gorilla Glass 7i

Corning recently unveiled its new Gorilla Glass 7i

Corning recently introduced its new product, Gorilla Glass 7i, an innovative protective glass. This advanced material will be implemented in the next generation of smartphones, providing improved strength and superior protection for mobile device screens.

Four years ago, Corning released Gorilla Glass Victus, its seventh iteration, aimed at high-end and some mid-range devices. Now, the innovation continues with Gorilla Glass 7i, specially designed for lower-end and mid-range devices, according to Corning.

The new Gorilla Glass 7i is designed to bring superior protection to phone screens at a more affordable cost. The “7i” suffix underscores Corning's commitment to innovation in the mid-market segment.

Beyond marketing strategies, Gorilla Glass 7i is distinguished by its ability to withstand impacts from heights of up to 1 meter on surfaces such as asphalt, surpassing the performance of competing products that withstand drops of only 0.5 meters. Furthermore, Gorilla Glass 7i is claimed to offer twice the scratch resistance of other materials on the market. Com position has been optimized to fit a wide range of phone models, with an emphasis on durability and sustainability.

The need for Gorilla Glass 7i is highlighted by recent smartphone launches like the Nothing Phone 2a and Poco F6 Pro, which incorporate Gorilla Glass 5, a technology that hasn't been updated in eight years. Additionally, new devices like the Google Pixel 8a still rely on Gorilla Glass 3, introduced more than a decade ago.

In this context, Corning, together with its partners, identified the opportunity to introduce a modern variant of Gorilla Glass, which would be affordable and meet the market requirements for high-quality screens, including for the mid-range segment. These screens are now larger than they were in 2016 when Gorilla Glass 5 was released, creating the need for an option that sits between Gorilla Glass 5 and Victus.

Corning has announced that Oppo will be the first manufacturer to integrate the new Gorilla Glass 7i into one of its phones. This advanced protective glass will be available not only for phones, but also for smartwatches and other gadgets that require increased resistance to scratches and impacts.

Source: GSMArena


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